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** Constitution amendment proposal from Warrix Flying Group** (Click for detail in PDF format)

Hot News

Ian Guthrie of Angus Model Flying Club had his garage broken into (last night), and his modelling equipment, including models, radio, chargers etc, stolen.

Should you be offered anything which may be part of this haul ( a list will follow as soon as possible), please note descriptions of people and vehicles, reg numbers, telephone numbers etc and pass details to the police

Click here for pdf listing of stolen items

Late Training and Testing Weekend
This has been cacelled due to inclement weather and will be rescheduled to next year.
Thank you to the Hamilton Club for organising the event and a thank you to all the other clubs who have held Training weekend through the year

Cheers Jim.

We're heading for the end of a season of better than usual summer weather and plenty of model flying practice so why not go the extra mile and test your model flying skills with an SAA Training and Testing weekend at the Hamilton Radio Modelling Club on 25/26 of October.


billy dunn

New Airtime Editor Billy Dunn

The SAA are pleased to announce Billy Dunn from Kinross will take the post of SAA Airtime Editor after the sad passing of Alex Reaich

An introduction from Billy....

Hello everyone, firstly can I just pass on my condolences to the Reaich family on the passing of Alex, I never knew him personally but now know what an extremely popular person he was. I do, given time, hope I can produce Airtime to the exceptionally high standard set by Alex

I was first made aware of model aircraft at the age of 5 when my father started building a model Aeroplane on our dining table,. From what I remember it was dinners on our knees for about 6 weeks as the table became his domain and nobody dared venture near. After it was built I do remember him having to buy my mother a new table as the old one was full of pin holes and bits of glue.

I was born and bred in the village of Strathkinness which is located 3 miles to the west of St Andrews and, at age 18, I joined the Army and the Black Watch (RHR) which is the local Regiment.

Over the next 18 years I was to travel the world before I ended up in my final job of Recruiting. This presented me the opportunity to make a home in a very nice area in Cupar, Fife and it was from here I started to dip my toe into the Aero Modelling world. Having been pointed in the right direction from neighbour Bill Dunnett who was also a modeller I eventually joined Kinross Radio Model Flying Club. Since then there has been no turning back. I predominantly fly Fixed Wing however at the time of typing this I am venturing into Helicopters (don’t tell my wife ££)

Nowadays I am employed as Houseman at Kinross House and I have also moved to Kinross which makes flying time more accessible.

The Airtime magazine is a fantastic way to let everyone know exactly what’s going on, where and when. It is my aim to carry this on and add a few little extra things here and there. One thing I am keen to do is let you all know who we on the SAA council are by means of a small biography just like mine above. As you will have noticed this year we are now seeing SAA Committee members out and about visiting club events more than ever which is brilliant. Therefore I think it would be nice to know who you are looking for and a wee bit about them (obviously nothing personal).

I will also be contacting clubs, in the next few months, to ask for a write up on them along with pictures. So we will start to get to know who is out there and where. These will be published in Airtime and made available for download through the SAA Website, so this will be your chance to shine and promote your club.

Also if you have a story to tell then send it to me along with some photos, this could be anything from a build you are working on, club events or perhaps you have just come back from the RC Hotel, tell us all about it.

If anyone has any ideas on what they would like to see more of in the magazine then please let me know and I will endeavour to make it happen.

Looking forward to seeing you all when I can get out and about.

Safe Landings


strathaven 2014


We have a list of book titles which may be of some interest to enthusiasts here.
Anyone with an interest in any of the titles please contact Mr Bill Grimsley


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