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Guardian Report 2014

It gives us the greatest satisfaction to report that there was not a single example of a question of ethics that was
raised in 2014.  That is just as it should be with a Council that works hard on our behalf.

My own experience only goes back to the mid ‘70s, but it was also gratifying to note that the AGM was carried out without the bitterness or rancour that some of us have seen of late.

At that AGM, you will have heard of the indisposition of our colleague Guardian, Peter McKenna FSAA.  As it is likely that it will be some time before Peter can tell us of his wishes, we have asked Alan Gibson FSAA, to assist meanwhile.  Those of you who know Alan, will agree that he is ideal in that he has experience and the best interests of our Association at heart.

The future team will be decided when Peter is up and about again.

See you downwind

Len Nicholls FSAA

After the AGM the SAA Council are pleased to announce
"No increase for 2015 fees"

With 2015 just around the corner I am taking Events dates for 2015
These to be published on the events page just as soon as possible


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