News from the AGM

There was an average turnout at the AGM but it was noted that some of our larger clubs were not represented!!

There was some very constructive discussion and the changes to the constitution went through with minor changes proposed from the floor.

3.1.8 Guardian of the SAA. The members of the Board of Guardians are responsible to the members of the SAA. Appointment will be ratified at a General meeting. They will be solely concerned with the ethical behaviour of the SAA and their main duties are outlined in paragraph 5. The board will consist of up to 5 members and come up for election every 2 years.

They are subject to expenses in line with Council members.

7.1 The annual general meeting shall be held each year in December at a venue fixed by Council. The meeting will be announced and the agenda published at least 21 days before the date of the AGM. The agenda will be published on the SAAwebsite—

The Council shall provide each affiliated club secretary and country member with a copy of the previous AGM minutes and the AGM agenda as soon as they are available by electronic or written means and within the time limits prescribed in the Constitution.

Two new Guardians were elected; Jim McGlynn and Ian Sutherland. They will supplement the existing team to look after the ethics of the SAA.

Bill Grimsley, past chairman, was voted in as vice chairman/safety officer and Colin Thomson, last year’s assistant secretary, moved up to secretary. There is a vacancy for assistant secretary and Competition Director representative. We hope someone will volunteer soon!!

All discipline CD’s are unchanged.

The insurance is in place so renew your membership soon. Remember there are no day’s grace after the end of the year and allow some time for the Christmas holidays.

Under AOCB it was agreed by the members that any SAA equipment being disposed of should be offered to the members, in the first instance.

On 30th November Jim McGlynn and I attended the annual meeting with the CAA, BMFA and LMA in London. Much discussion on the EASA and the future DfT proposals had been done before the meeting and a joint proposal was presented to the CAA by Cliff Whittaker on behalf of all the organisations. Below is Jim’s report of the meeting.

              On 30/11/17 Alex and myself attended the annual meeting with the CAA , by the beginning of next year we should have the latest version of CAP 658 which will be e-mailed out to all club secretaries to pass on to club members as well as being posted on the website. We all have a duty to read the updated document as it is the legislation under which we all fly our models. The on-going talks with the Department for Transport regarding our place in the update of the ANO are still on going with the BMFA and LMA providing support for our voice as we do not have the resources they have to attend all the meetings as they are in London. There is a presentation organised to be shown to the D of T outlining why modellers are safe and there is no need for any further legislation over our activities. When this has been presented to the D of T and there has been a response we will have it on the website as soon as possible after that. The EASA project is still on-going but may be ready to have the second opinion ready for approval in January for adoption by the commission. If adopted the timescale for implementation is approximately 3 years. The FPV update is to remain the same at this point in time.

 There is also an update being done to the aerial maps to show permanent model flying sites which have regular over flights by full size aircraft, so if any clubs are in this position can the contact the new safety office with the club details and if he can contact me I can let him/her know how to move forward with this. If this can be done as quickly as possible it would be appreciated. Up to now the consensus of opinion regarding the impact of the EASA changes are that we will have to have our name and the number of our membership of whichever body we belong to whether that is the SAA,LMA, BMFA or FPVUK. If this is all we have to do to continue flying as we are at the minute I personally do not think that this is too onerous.

This is going to be a busy year and you can be assured the SAA will be fighting to limit any changes to how we fly safely to a minimum.

Alex. Mackie